Many activities on this tuesday on Neighbourhood on the Move

  • St-James Drop-in Centre is back to do a collective artwork


Come draw and color your favourite local fruit or vegetable, either the one that you grow in your garden or you buy at the market!

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  • Come relax and do some origami with Miss Cloudy

Miss Cloudy is a creative space led by Pauline Loctin that for 2 years encourages the development of creativity through unique creations and organization of creative events . In this workshop we will explore the basics of origami and folding art and the desire to create yourself your own paper forms and structures . Here you are invited to rediscover the pleasure of playing with your hands!

miss-cloudy-braincamp-creative-camp-origami-worshop-6 miss-cloudy-braincamp-creative-camp-origami-worshop-8

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  • Don’t miss Gorkata, a traditional gypsy music show.

Gorkata Trio offers a musical journey through the countries traveled by Gipsy populations. A selection of Gypsy (Tzigane) and oriental music arranged by three musicians inspired by the traditions and fusion of these nomadic cultures

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